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The Vel-Oh bag is the essential piece of kit for the daily commute

The bag transforms from a tote bag into a backpack. It incorporates design features such as magnetic closures, water repellant cotton, concealed hand cut carbon fibre support and exclusive lash tabs designed by Vel-Oh. Each product is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship pairing the heritage of the UK woven industry with the creativity and innovation of design. Follow the story on our blog.

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 One bag suits all!

It’s so lovely as a girl, to have a bag which is functional for walking/cycling to work but can also be worn out as a handbag after work for drinks so it doesn’t clash with your outfit!
— Stephanie, Allegra Events
These stylish bags stand apart from anything else we’ve seen, which is the idea. This bag will last you for years, if not decades.
— Urban Cyclist Magazine