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The symbiotic approach that the company has taken to create a product that can keep up with the needs of a city cyclist, makes you feel like you’re buying a product from a company that truly understands your needs.
If you want a bag that is made for cycling, but don’t want to lose any of the stylishness of a cool day bag, this is the look for you.
— Total Womens Cycling
A backpack designed to be worn when cycling, it also transforms into a tote-style day bag. Crafted from waxed cotton and leather, this is a smart, durable and fairly foolproof choice for city cyclists.
— The Guardian
I’ve had my bag for around a week now and I’m delighted with it. Couldn’t believe it when it was hand delivered by Zulfi on the day I ordered but I guess that sort of service will be a distant dream when your business expands and you have to oursource delivery. The bag was tested in the rain (lots of it) only a couple of days later and it passed with flying colours. Have to admit I was a bit dubious to begin with as the fabric only ‘looks’ showerproof but it kept everything dry during a considerable downpour. It not only looks good but is much more comfortable than any of the other bags I’ve had.
— Debbie Shaw
At last, a supremely stylish Musette!
— Kevin Armstrong
I have loved using your bag and have made all my handbags jealous as they never get used anymore! It’s so lovely as a girl to have a bag which is functional for walking/cycling to work but can also be work out as a handbag after work for drinks so it doesn’t clash with your outfit! The leather has softened beautifully so the straps are comfortable and you can fit so much in the bag. Best of all even in torrential rain in remains 100% waterproof. I also have loved the outside pocket which is perfect for slipping a D lock into without undoing the whole bag. I could go on and on!
— Stephanie Johnson | Event Manager
Founders Zulfi and Greta are possibly one of the coolest couples on the cycling bag scene...
— Velo City Girl